Will Omicron Lead to Entry Ban for Brits Traveling to Austria? – Vindobona

Austria is reportedly considering tightening entry restrictions on travelers from Great Britain, Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands and classifying them as “virus variant areas.”

The pressure to increase restrictions on travelers from Great Britain has mainly come from the Austrian federal state of Salzburg.

According to the Salzburger Nachrichten, “Health Advisor and Provincial Governor Deputy Christian Stöckl is calling for a tightening of entry regulations not only for Great Britain but also for Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands.”

“The entry regulations need to be reconsidered very quickly. We now have to do everything we can to ensure that we do not run into a fifth wave through Omicron,” said Stöckl.

Salzburg is a popular destination among British tourists, especially this time of year when the ski season is in full swing.

According to the APA/ORF, “If such tightening of entry were to come about, around 15 percent of winter guests in Salzburg would be absent.”

Additionally, the ORF reported that Salzburg’s top tourism expert Leo Bauernberger is “still sticking to a winter season.” Bauernberger said, “We believe that we are well prepared and that the number of infections is currently manageable here. With the dynamics that take place around us, we are definitely, to a certain extent, passengers. You don’t know what will really happen then.”

If these four countries are labeled as virus variant areas, then entry from them will be generally prohibited.

Austrian and EU citizens are still entitled to enter the country from virus variant areas, but they must adhere to a ten-day quarantine, show a PCR test upon arrival, and register.

The ORF reports that, according to insider info, the regulation will go into effect on December 24.

Austrian Foreign Ministry

Salzburger Nachrichten




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